Who has developed SAM?

A project team at UWE together with MyOxygen, a software development company, both based in Bristol, UK. The project team includes academics and practitioners with expertise in computer science, human-computer interaction and psychology.

Who has paid for SAM to be developed?

Previously, funding has been provided jointly from the UK Government’s Office for Students and UWE Bristol. We are currently not funded and need community help to maintain and support the app.

Who owns SAM?

SAM is licensed to Mind Garden Technology CIC by the University of the West of England.

How has the self-help content been selected?

All self-help content is informed by established psychological principles. We have aimed to include self-help content that is supported by research, recommended by practitioners and/or rated highly by users. We have tried to offer the self-help options in a variety of formats to suit individual needs and preferences.

What is the evidence for the effectiveness of mental health apps?

There is convincing evidence from clinical studies that the appropriate use of apps can reduce common mental health concerns, particularly with social or professional support. Please contact the project team for further information about effectiveness.

Where do I send enquiries, suggestions or complaints about SAM?


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