An app to help you manage anxiety, depression and loneliness. Join our wellbeing community

SAM is a non-profit, community-backed wellbeing app to help you monitor and manage your mental health, with self-help techniques to help with anxiety, depression, loneliness and coping. SAM is informed by clinical best practice and academic research.

SAM provides a range of self-help techniques organised into several main wellbeing themes, together with tools for recording and monitoring changes in your mood. The social cloud feature allows users to give and receive support from others.

SAM was developed by a team of researchers from the University of the West of England working with Bristol-based digital studio MyOxygen. The development was based on clinical evidence and followed a user-centred design process to successfully deliver a mobile app that helps you to:

  • Monitor your feelings and chart mood levels over time.

  • Discover guided self-help techniques including games and multimedia for challenging unhelpful thoughts.

  • Share advice and ratings with the SAM community through the Social Cloud.

SAM is currently unfunded and ad-free for all users.